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When Namin was 12 he was influenced by rocknroll music, which was possible to hear only on some western radio stations like Voice of America.

At the Cadet military school he started to play guitar and took classes of primary music education.

Namins mother was a classical musician educated at the Moscow Conservatory. Her friends - Russias great performers and composers used to visit her house. Aram Khachaturian, Alfred Schnittke, Dmitry Shostakovich and David Oistrakh were among many others. A famous Soviet composer Arno Babadzhanyan was Namins first music teacher.

His first song Early to say goodbye was recorded in 1976 by his rock band FLOWERS. All together he wrote about 50 songs, and 12 of them became national hits. The most popular song recorded in 1983 We wish you happiness was # 1 in the county for about 3 years and still remains one of the most beloved songs in the country.

Beside the songs Namin wrote music tracks for 2 feature films and an animation movie in 1980-s. In late1990-s he recorded his instrumental solo album of guitar improvisations Kama Sutra and some other

improvisations. In 2000 he composed music for theatre plays and for symphony orchestra.

In 2006 his first symphony piece was played and recorded by Moscow Symphony and Yaroslavsky Symphony Orchestras.