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Falling in love with rock music early on, Namin set up his first group Charodei (The Magicians) in 1964, and Politburo in 1967. In 1969 played lead guitar for the Bliki (The Glimmers) rock outfit, which was already a big hit with local student community.

In the late1960-s Namin joined the hippie movement protesting against the existing way of life and in 1969 he set up the all-new band The Flowers that acquired national acclaim as the first Soviet super group that actually made the rock movement a part of the nation’s mass culture. In the early 1970-s he was one of the most famous guitar players in Moscow influenced by Jimmi Hendrix but performing in his own manner and original sound. As a performer he was mostly famous for his guitar improvisations.  In the early 1980-s he stopped performing on stage.

Only in 1997 after almost 20 years break Namin recorded his first personal album of guitar improvisations Kamasutra, the album of traditional rock’n’roll music together with Noel Redding (bass guitar, Jimmi Hendrix Experience) and Erick Bell (Thin Lizzi), and also some solo tracks for re-makes of his songs. In 2000 he recorded original blues song together with Marco Mendoza.