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Instrumental album of guitar improvisations «Кама-Sutra»

Front cover

Back cover

The album features:

Stas Namin – lead guitar
Pavel Titovetz – guitar, lead guitar (2,4,5,7)
Nikolai Devlet-Kil’deev – lead guitar (2,4,5,6)
Sergei Voronov – lead guitar (2,4,5)
Alexander Lyubarsky – bass-guitar (1,3,7)
Alexander Solich – bass-guitar (2,4,5,6)
Sergei Titovetz – drums

Recorded at SNC Studios (Gorky Park, Moscow) in 1997.
Sound Engineer – Evgeny Trushin

This recording is a complete improvisation, except Position # 7 which was recorded by Stas Namin beforehand.
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio (Hollywood, LA) in 2000 Mastering Engineer –
Chris Bellman
Executive Producer – SNC Records (Russia).
All rights reserved Design – SNC Design Studio

Dedicated to the memory of my friend Frank Zappa, a man of supreme kindness, depth and sincerity. His outstanding genius and originality have manifested themselves brightly in music as well as in everything he had dealt with. He will forever remain the greatest personality for me – Quixote of the end of the XXth century.

Stas Namin & Frank Zappa, SNC Studios, Gorky Park

8 positions of guitar music


Position #1
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Position #2
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Position #3
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Position #4
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Position #5
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Position #6
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Position #8
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Bye-Bye Blues
S.Namin & M.Mendoza (Whitesnake)

послушать музыку "I've been missing..."(М.Mendoza, S.Namin)

Stas Namin - solo-guitar
Marco Mendoza - vocal


«Africa» (Remake of "Jurmala")

послушать музыку Africa

Recorded at SNC Studios in 1997.

The participants of the recording:

T.Antsiferova - vocal and improvisation
V.Belousov - vocal
А.Brower - keyboards
Yu.Valov - guitar
А.Gradsky - vocal and improvisation
L.Gurchenko - solo-vocal (rap)
L.Dolina - vocal and improvisation
S.Dyuzhikov - vocal, guitar
А.Losev - solo-vocal
А.Lyubarsky - bass-guitar
S.Mazaev - saxophone (solo)
А.Makarevich - percussion, African drums, vocal
V.Malezhik - vocal
А.Malinin - solo-vocal
S.Namin - vocal, solo-guitar
N.Noskov - solo-vocal
P.Titovets - guitar, vocal
S.Titovets - drums

Back vocal:

Nick Binkley



The participants of the recording.
From left to right: Yu.Balashov, M.Kapnik, V.Petrovsky, M.Mikoyan, Nick Binkley, Yu. Valov, V.Belousov, T.Antsiferova, V.Malezhik, A.Sapunov



«We wish you happiness»


This song was composed by Stas Namin in 1982,
and released in 1985.
It has been number 1 in the country for three years, and remained the favorite people song on the territory the former USSR.

послушать музыку Remake (2007)

Stas Namin - lead vocal
The Flowers - back vocal