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THE FLOWERS is the first Russian super band to virtually bring about a revolution in the country as they broke out of the cliche styles expected of formal Soviet pop music of the late 60s and early 70s. Entire generations of young Russian musicians who have become the influential Russian rock & pop stars of today were bred on the bands music.

In 1974-75 the band toured throughout the entire USSR. In 1975 the Moscow Komsomolets newspaper called them The Soviet Beatles. During that same year, The Flowers were disbanded and their name was banned as propaganda of Western ideology and hippy ideas by decree of the Ministry of Culture of USSR. Rock music was seriously persecuted during this period, as it was becoming an alternative to official Soviet music. The Flowers were not to be seen on television or played on the radio. Even to mention their name in the press was strictly forbidden.

Before the beginning of Perestroika, Stas Namin himself was branded by the government as a dissident in art. He and his band were not absolutely prohibited from leaving the country and from performing in any of the USSRs large cities. The Flowers were persecuted by the General Prosecutors Office of the Russian Federation and openly pressured by all state organizations at large which over 15 years entirely ignored them despite of their huge popularity with the millions of audiences.

In 1986 The Flowers became the first Soviet rock band to finally break through the iron curtain and go the west. After many years of boycott, long scandals with authorities and the Ministry of Culture and thanks to the spirit of the times and its popularity abroad the band was able to reach international recognition. In September 1986 at Hard Rock Cafe in New York City the bands first press conference, with a large number of western journalists in attendance, jumpstarted The Flowers tour of the USA and Canada. During the tour the group was performing in the most prestigious venues of the East and West coasts. The concerts were covered by the most popular TV and Radio programs, magazines and newspapers.

Right after the tour, in December 1986 the Flowers were invited by Peter Gabriel to the Hurricane Arena Festival in Tokyo. From 1987 till 1989 they made the world tour performing in Africa, Australia and Japan, Eastern and Western Europe, South and North America. After that the group stopped its activity and the musicians started their own personal careers. Several groups were based on Flowers former musicians League of Blues, Crossroads, and Moral Code. Three musicians were invited by Stas Namin to his new project - Gorky Park band - which became popular world-wide quite soon.

For 10 years the Flowers didnt exist and in 1999 they met again in the unique project the Russian version of rock musical Hair and rock opera Jesus Christ Super Star staged at the Stas Namin Theater. After the re-union the Flowers celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a great concert that took place in the most prestigious venue of Moscow the Russia Hall. The live recording of this historical concert was released on DVD and CD. For the last 7 years beside its theatre performances the group gives concerts in Russia and abroad - New York and Los Angeles, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Great Britain, China, Korea, etc.

In 2007 the Flowers started to work on a new album.