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The Stas Namin Theatre
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The Stas Namin Theatre was set up in August 1999 as an absolutely new theatrical company to fuse music and dramatic art. The fusion of music and drama outside its canonical forms such as classic opera, operetta and even musical and rock opera has always been an attractive proposition albeit a formidable task to complete. Nevertheless, there has never been a shortage of attempts to bring about such fusion. An absolute must is a team that would feel equally at home with such means of expression as word, music and movement, plus a repertoire to match.

The first season of the theatre's activities saw a mammoth task accomplished: the nation's first theatrical company was set up to field an all-talking, all-singing, all-dancing cast. It was the efforts of this company that made it possible to stage such widely ranging in genre shows as US landmark rock musical "Hair", its US author version having been shown in November 1999 at the Estrada Theatre, and the Russian version premiered at the Yunogo Zritelya Theatre in Moscow in January 2000; the comedy "Private Chonkin" by V.Voinovich, dramatic suite "Four Stories" based on "Little Tragedies" by A.Pushkin, classic rock opera "Jesus Christ Super star". The show "Four Stories" was the first milestone in the syncretic genre, which is the theatre's creative credo.

The theatre's creative philosophy is marriage between music and drama, cast in a wide variety of formats. The theatre's repertoire features both purely dramatic and musical productions.

The core area of the theatre's activities is a quest for co-existence of musical and dramatic content within a single stage production to offset and enrich each other.